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North Star NorthStar

North Star loves adventures that take her flying high into the sky. One evening, on her way back from a visit with Mr. Moon, something bright and shiny blazed quickly across her path. "A  falling star," North Star thought excitedly, "I think I'll follow it!" Flapping her furry wings, she wisked off in search of the star. It was almost morning when she finally spotted it sitting on top of the Dream Castle. "I've been looking for you,"  North Star laughed as the star jumped on her back. "We were playing hide-and-seek and I got lost," the little star explained. North Star knew exactly what the star needed. "Use this and you won't get lost anymore," she said handing the star her compass. That night, the little star lit the whole sky as a special thank you to North Star.


ParadiseParadise was taking a walk through the forest in search of hidden places when she noticed a crumbled piece of paper under a tree. "What are all these lines and arrows?" she wondered as she unfolded the paper. She raced back to show North Star. "It's a map - let's follow it!" North Star exclaimed. North Star grabbed her compass and led the way. The two friends traveled over hills, through a valley and up, up, up to the sky. "Look - a mansion," Paradise said dreamily as they arrived at their destination. They flew down for a closer look. It was the most breathtaking place Paradise had ever seen. "It even has a pool and a diving board," she said gleefully. North Star had an idea. "Let's call it the PARADISE ESTATE!" Paradise was thrilled and couldn't wait to show the others her latest discovery.


Posey was busily planting new rows of tulips in her garden when she spotted a fierce gray raincloud overhead. "The rain will wash away my newly planted tulip bulbs and
ruin my garden." she sighed. Parasol, racing through the clouds in search of rainbows, heard ehr plea. "Don't worry, Posey." Parasol shouted. "I'll protect your tulips." Parasol jumped into the raincloud. She tossed her rainbow mane and tail and dozens of pretty parasols fell from the clouds to cover the tulip beds. "Thank you, Parasol," Posey said handing her friend a bouquet of her finest tulips.


It was autumn and the leaves were getting ready for their winter nap.  "Who will keep the trees company?" Paradise wondered sadly as she and Ribbon waved goodbye to a falling leaf. Ribbon had an idea! She asked each pony to give her a hair ribbon before midnight. By quarter to midnight, Ribbon had collected hundreds of colorful satin, velvet and lace ribbons and placed them at the top of the Waterfall. As the clock struck midnight, Ribbon swished her tail around in the water. The ribbons magically rose up to the trees, wrapping around the branches in big, puffy bows! With her unicorn, Ribbon wrote the name of the pony on the ribbon that belonged to her. "Now we can all keep the trees company during the winter," Ribbon laughed as the ponies woke to the beautiful sight. Even the trees smiled as they swayed back and forth.


ShadyMr. Sun was shining brightly as Shady took a walk in the cool summer's breeze. "It's so sunny!" Shady said, putting on her new sunglasses. Everything looked very pink through the colorful  frames. Before long, she wandered into Posey's sweet smelling garden. She saw daisies dancing, sunflowers somersaulting and roses romping all around her. "Come join us," they called. Shady happily pranced over and danced with all the pretty flowers. They sang and played until Shady's sunglasses fell off. Suddenly, all the flowers were gone! When she put them back on, the flowers reappeared! "These sunglasses are magical!" Shady laughed, and danced with the flowers in the garden for the rest of the day.


SurpriseSurprise was traveling through the clouds and saw what looked like a rainbow far off in the distance. As she flew closer, she realized it was a runaway hot-air balloon flying frantically out-of-control. "Are you lost?" Surprise shouted to the giant balloon. Suddenly a head poked over the top of the basket. "Please take me home," pleaded Spike, Majesty's little pet dragon. Surprise gently guided the balloon all the way back to the Dream Castle. Majesty was delighted to see her friend Spike and gave Surprise a royal  "thank you!"


"It's time for your bath, baby ponies!" Mama  Gusty  called. But the babies were having too much fun rolling in the grass and jumping in the mud to stop. Truely heard Mama Gusty's call and  knew exactly what to do. She filled the Waterfall with bubble bath until heart-shaped bubbles floated over to where the babies were playing. Each bubble gently dipped down around a baby pony and carried her over to the waterfall. When all the ponies were in the pond the bubbles flew high up in to the sky. One bubble flew so high it tickled Mr. Sun's nose! The babies splashed with delight. "This is so much fun," they shouted. Truely winked at Mama Gusty as she galloped off, popping soap bubbles along the way.

Wind Whistler

"LA-TE-DA,"Wind Whistler sang happily as she did her chores.Wind Whistler But the notes she sang fell from her lips and ran away! Wind Whistler put down her broom and followed them. She caught up with them just as they were dancing their way into the Wishing Well! "Hello down there," Wind Whistler called, poking her head into the well. "Hello down there," her voice echoed back. "Where are you?" Again, her voice echoed until a note popped up on the ledge. "The Wishing Well needs some happy notes to help grant wishes," the notes explained. Hearing this, Wind Whistler sang loudly into the well, "DO-RE-ME-FA-SO-LA-TE-DO."  The little note danced around the well with joy, then joined the others. "THANK YOU," a grateful voice echoed up. Wind Whistler flew off, happy that she could grant a wish for the Wishing Well.



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