Year 4
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Forget-me-not gathered all the ponies in the meadow for a surprise birthday party. There were balloons, presents, and a birthday cake that said "Happy Birthday Megan." Then she placed a candle made of glittering stardust on the cake. When Megan arrived, a beautiful sprinkling of stardust whirled and twirled around them. Megan's wish to share her birthday with all her friends had come true!


The colorful leaves fell to the ground one by one. It was time for Honeysuckle to change the season from Autumn to Winter. She gathered snow crystals from a secret ice cave and flew into the sky, sprinkling the crystals into the clouds and ponds. Snowflakes began to dance down from the clouds as the ponds iced over. Honeysuckle watched from above as children donned their mittens and scarves, ready to build snowmen and slide down snow covered hills. It would be a wonderful winter indeed!


The baby ponies were anxiously awaiting Lily's visit to the Lullabye Nursery and today was the day! Lily brought lots of presents, played games and sang songs with the baby ponies. At bedtime, Lily told them how Flutter Ponies spread good luck by flapping their magical wings. Then she gave each one a goodnight kiss and flew off into the sky. High above the clouds, Lily watched over her little friends, filling their heads with sweet dreams. She was already planning her next visit that was sure to be full of happy surprises!

Morning Glory

The whistling wind rustled through the leaves, as Morning Glory began her journey to spread good luck.   Before long, she came upon a little town covered by thunderous rain-clouds.  Inside the houses were unhappy children longing for sunshine and gentle breezes.  Morning Glory sat atop a dark cloud, closed her eyes and flapped her wings.  When she opened her eyes, sunbeams danced about and the children were frolicking in the warm air, happy at play.

Peach Blossom

The ponies were getting ready for a good night's sleep as dusk settled over Ponyland. Peach Blossom wanted to make sure everyone would enjoy a pleasant dream. Quickly, she leaped into the air and arranged the stars in a circle, sprinkling sweet-dream-dust on each one. Then she fluttered her magical wings and the stars took their places in the sky. Each star beamed with happy thoughts of sugar coated mountains and colorful rainbows. Peach Blossom flew gracefully to the ground, knowing that beautiful dreams awaited.


The dew drops glistened in the early morning sun as Rosedust scampered off to pick roses from her garden. There she found Molly and Baby Sundance practicing a difficult high jump over the fence. "You can do it!" Molly urged. As Baby Sundance took a giant step backwards, Rosedust fluttered her magical wings to wish her luck. "I did it!" Baby Sundance cried, landing gracefully. Rosedust rewarded each of them for their courage with a beautiful bouquet of red roses.



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