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Princess Primrose 

A beautiful butterfly flew past Primrose while she strolled to the castle. She raced after it, admiring it pretty colors and delicate wings.  It floated over hills and through fields, causing Primrose to run in a wavy line to keep up.  At last it stopped in the garden to rest.  Primrose sat nearby, watching the butterfly dance from flower to flower to find the softest petal. Then Primrose heard someone calling her name.  "Here you are!" exclaimed Princess Sparkle.  "You were supposed to help me decorate the castle."  The two ponies skipped back to the castle with their lovely new friend leading the way.

Princess Royal Blue

 The Baby Ponies huddled in their cribs as heavy rain and crackling thunder rumbled outside. Royal Blue knew the storm would frighten the babies, so she quickly thought of a plan to soothe them. She raced through the gray clouds and gusty winds to where the babies wiggled under the covers.  "No need to be afraid," Royal Blue laughed.  She told them a bedtime story about a faraway land she once visited, and gave each of them a steaming cup of warm milk.  Then they had a rough and tumble pillow fight.  The babies soon forgot about the storm and crawled wearily into bed.  Soon they were fast asleep, dreaming happy dreams.

Princess Serena

One hot sunny day, Princess Serena spotted Princess Tiffany sitting by a little pond looking very, very sad.  "What's wrong?" she asked.  "The warm sun dried up the pond," Tiffany sighed.  Serena knew how to make her friend happy again! Tiffany, go find some clouds to fill the pond with raindrops."  Tiffany flew into the sky and soon returned with two big rain clouds.  Serena wiggled her nose and giant raindrops began to fall into the pond.  Then she blinked her eyes and the pond changed into a beautiful heart shape!  "Hooray!" shouted Tiffany as the two ponies danced between the raindrops then swam in the pretty pond.

Princess Sparkle

Princess Sparkle gazed at the pretty spring morning, eager for the day ahead. Today she was going to surprise her forest friends with a special visit! She packed a picnic basket then went to the garden to pick some flowers, but they were gone! She headed for the woods anyway, but no
one was there when she arrived! "Mr. Owl! Bunny Rabbit!" she called. No one answered. Suddenly she heard a rustling noise nearby. She followed it and to her surprise, her friends had   planned a tea party especially for her! "But how did you know I was coming today?" Sparkle asked. "That  was easy," laughed Mrs. Skunk. "We picked your pretty lilacs and knew  you'd follow the scent!"

Princess Starburst

Princess Starburst fell asleep dreaming of a faraway land where
marshmallow clouds floated above a castle made of chocolate bars. Lollipop trees lined the banks of a gurgling root beer stream. As Starburst enjoyed the spectacular sight, she spotted some children playing by the stream. "Come play with us," the called to her, licking luscious ice cream cones. They played games and nibbled sweet treats until Starburst suddenly woke up! "What a wonderful dream," she yawned, bumping something with her foot. At the end of her bed was the BIGGEST chocolate chip cookie she had ever seen! Her sweet dream had come true!


Princess Tiffany

The night of the Pony Ball arrived! Princess Tiffany smoothed her gown as she prepared to make her royal entrance. But as she reached the staircase, her heel caught the hem of her dress, and she stumbled down the stairs! Everyone rushed to help, but all Tiffany could do was cry. Suddenly, Princess Starburst had an idea! She waved her magic wand, and Tiffany's teardrops turned into sparkling diamonds that covered her gown. Princess Sparkle waved her wand, and a lovely bouquet of flowers appeared in Tiffany's hand. Tiffany smiled, ready to try her entrance again. Everyone agreed it was a splendid evening after all, especially for Tiffany.




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