Year 6
Backcard Stories
Page 11

Seawinkle creates graceful water shows on warm summer evenings. She dives in and out of the water, changing colors with each dive. One night, she gathered all the Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies together and invited all of Ponyland to a show of colors. Seawinkle and her friends
dipped in and out of the water to create a rainbow  of glimmering hues. As a finale, the ponies formed a multi-colored rose with Seawinkle twirling in the center. The ponies cheered throwing flower petals on the happy ponies.


Wavedancer likes to drift on the water on warm evenings, gazing up at the twinkling stars in the sky. "I wish I could shine like a star," she said to Misty, as they wiggled in their floats. A little star heard  Wavedancer's wish and sprinkled stardust in the Watercolor Baby Sea Pony's hair. Suddenly, Wavedancer's curls glittered and sparkled like a star! The little star laughed as Wavedancer swung her hair, twinkling with every turn of her head. "Now I'm a shining star of the sea!" laughed Wavedancer.


"Let's try to catch a big, big wave that'll carry us right up to the sky!" Foamy said to her friends, King Neptune hear her wish and sent a giant wave her way. The Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies jumped on top of
it and sat very still as the wave carried them higher and higher, all the way up to the fluffiest cloud in the sky. They played there for hours, riding the cloud like a magic carpet around the sky, then slide down the
rainbow, landing onto the ocean with a great big SPLASH


Misty was excited about the mermaids' party at their underwater castle and wanted to bring them a special gift. She gathered pretty seashells and tied them together with silky seaweed. The rainbow helped by pouring colors all over the shells while the sun made the seaweed shine. Then she cut the seaweed into long ribbons that sparkled like strands of pearls. "Thank you, Misty!" the mermaids exclaimed, weaving the ribbons into their hair, saving the last one for their friend to wear.


One day, while practicing her backstroke before swimming class, a giant wave tossed Seashore and her fish float high into the sky! She came back down into the water with a loud WHOOOSH that spalshed her right in the face. Like magic, her body began to chance color. A little wave handed her a silver sea shell so she could see herself. Seashore couldn't wait for her classmates to see her new look!


"Splish, splash!" cried Sealight as she paddled through the blue sea in her turtle float. "I can make the biggest splashes of all!" she said. She playfully sprayed a friendly fish and splashed cool water on Foamy as she floated beside her. Just then, a dolphin swam next to Sealight. "I can make big splashes, too!" he said. He disappeared under the waves, then zoomed out of the water and landed with a very big SPLASH, spraying the delightful pony with the cool water.