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The ponies dressed in pirate clothes and gathered on Barnacle's ship for an exciting pirate party. When Barnacle landed at a tropical island, he gave each pony a treasure map. Slugger followed the map to a cave where he found a huge treasure chest! As Barnacle and the other ponies arrived at the cave, Slugger opened the chest and found a mound of golden coins. "They're pieces of chocolate wrapped in golden foil!" Slugger laughed with pleasure as Barnacle threw a handful of  "treasure" into the air.


One hot summer day, Chief found the newborn twins sitting beneath a shady tree. "We're too young to swim in the pool,"they sighed unhappily. Chief glanced at his toy fire truck and got a refreshing idea! When he blinked his eyes at the hose on his  fire truck, it sprayed a cool stream of water into the air, sprinkling the newborn twins with cool water! The happy twins leaped and jumped in the magical fountain, playfully  splashing Chief with the cool water to thank him for his delightful surprise!


 Wigwam and Tex like to play Cowboys and Indians. One day, they playfully chased each other through  the woods, then toasted marshmallows over the campfire. That night, while Wigwam slept in his teepee, Tex turned Wigwam's feather headband into a magnificent Indian headdress with a wink of an eye! In the morning, Wigwam eagerly tried on his new headdress of colorful feathers. "Let's play another game of Cowboys and Indians!" cried Wigwam, as Tex put on his cowboy hat.



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